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Hello friends

Here are some frequently asked questions that I'm about to answer!

Can I repost your work?

Only on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with credit (link back to my DA, Twitter, Tumblr, or Insta). I'd appreciate it if you could RT me, but I know it's difficult to find original tweets sometimes. No reposting on Tumblr or deviantart, please.

Can I color/edit your work?

Sure! As long as you credit me by linking one of my sites (deviantart, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram).  One condition, though; please do not add offensive material to my work. I'm fine with Hanzo main jokes or whatever, but please don't add any racist, sexist, or political comments. If you're unsure, just send me a message. I have anonymous msgs up on Tumblr :)

Can I print your work?

Not unless I give you direct permission. Also, I have all of my finished work in my shop.

Will you draw me/this character/etc.?

Sure, I do commissions! Send me an email :) (
Requests are only for fan art at the moment.

So here is the Other Stuff.

As you may have noticed, I'm not very active here because I like to only post finished work. On my other sites, I post much more. I'm much more active on Twitter lately, as well as Instagram, and a bit on Tumblr.

Twitter: GiannaTheHuman
Instagram: GiannaTheHuman
Tumblr: GiannaRoseH

I would appreciate it if you checked out my shop, too!

If you have any questions, you can also message me on any of those sites or email me! My email is
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New commission guide! If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or email me at

Commission guide 2017 by GiannaRoseH

Hey! So I launched a YouTube recently called MaGMA with MattFat. We will be posting art videos, such as speed drawings. Three videos are up right now, if you want to check them out! (Link)

I post a lot of my sketches on tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, if you didn't know. I normally don't post my sketches on here, unless it's in a sketch dump. So if you're on those sites and wanna see more of my stuff, you can check them out!

Also, I have a shop open on Storenvy. Most of my products are on there, but there are some I have yet to add :) I really appreciate the support!

Hello! Here are my 2016 commission prices.

Commissions by GiannaRoseH

Cartoon Commissions by GiannaRoseH

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note or email me at

I accept payment through PayPal, Venmo, or dA points. All prices are in US dollars.
Prices are negotiable :)

I will reject commissions that contain the following:
Bullet; Red anything sexually graphic or fetishes
Bullet; Red extreme gore
Bullet; Red anthros/furries/ponies

I will gladly accept commissions involving:
Bullet; Green original characters
Bullet; Green fan art
Bullet; Green fan fiction art
and more!

Hello again

I've been a bit more active lately and just wanted to say I'll probably be posting more original art. The "original art" folder was looking pretty sad lol. I hope you enjoy whatever is to come.

I almost lost my drawing mojo back in June, but then I bought tables at Jersey Shore Comic Con and New Jersey Gamer Con, so I forced myself to draw new prints for them. Both were small cons with okay turnouts. Super excited for Geek Fest in October, as usual! Hopefully I'll be able to focus on going to other cons and larger cons sometime soon.

Well, that's all for now :)
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This is an outdated commission guide. For the new guide, go here

Here's a price guide for my commissions

Toon style 1: $5/400 :points:
(single characters, flat colors, and clean lines only)

Toon style 2: $5/400 :points:
Extra character +50%
(flat colors and clean lines only)
CbHuILlWcAAcVxl by GiannaRoseH


Headshot/half body - $5/240 :points:
Full body - $7/400 :points:
Extra character +50%

Kuvira Sketch by GiannaRoseHShay Davydov sketch by GiannaRoseHMax Caulfield by GiannaRoseH Little Machines by GiannaRoseH

Flat colors:
Headshot/half body - $5/400 :points:
Full body - $7/560 :points:
Extra character +50%

Chloe Price by GiannaRoseHNathan Prescott by GiannaRoseH
Simple shading:
Headshot/half body - $7/560 :points:
Full body - $10/400 :points:
Extra character +50%
Cosima Niehaus by GiannaRoseHRain Kippax by GiannaRoseH

Complex shading w/ lines:
Headshot/half body - $15/1200 :points:
Full body - $20/1600 :points:
Extra character +50%

Chloe Price by GiannaRoseHRachel in History Yet To Be Written by GiannaRoseH

Digital painting:
Headshot/half body - $30/2400 :points:
Riley Blue by GiannaRoseH

Prices are negotiable.

I will draw...
:bulletgreen: Original characters
:bulletgreen: Fan art
:bulletgreen: Fan fiction art

I will not draw...
:bulletred: Anything sexually graphic/fetishes
:bulletred: Anthros/furries/ponies
:bulletred: Complex backgrounds (for these commissions)

If interested, please include these details in your request:

Style type (toon style 1, toon style 2, my style, realistic)
Line type (sketchy or clean)*does not apply to digital painting or toons
Coloring type (none, single, flat, shaded, complex shading, painting)*does not apply to toons
Shot type (head/half, full) *does not apply to digital painting or toons (half only)
Description (clothing, accessories, expression, pose, etc.)
Reference pictures (optional)
Background (white, single color, transparent, etc.)
Any specifics you'd like (ex: if you'd like something in the same style/coloring as any of my previous work, a change in hair color, etc.)

You can message me on here or my email
South Jersey Geek Fest was a blast! I was very happy with how things turned out, even though preparing for it was a disaster. I never expected more than a couple people to pick up Save Me, but there are six copies of it in various home in New Jersey now, so that's awesome. Lots of people picked up a scan code to read on the site and everyone was super nice. I can't wait to get tickets for the spring Geek Fest on April 4th!

Mattfat and I will also be attending the Cherry Hill Comic Con Masters in March. I believe it's pretty big compared to Geek Fest, so I'm extremely a bit nervous. I'm hoping to promote Unchained Comics again, as well as the comics Matt and I have created. Super stoked to attend :)

Well, I bid you adieu! :salute:

Well, since this is the first journal on this account, I'm not sure what to say :0 Not many people will probably follow from my last account, so I'll introduce myself.

My name is Gianna (pronounced jee-anna, not jee-onna).
-I'm hoping to become a professional comic artist/illustrator.
-Spawned 18 years ago. I am often told I look to be about 12.
-Joined dA almost 7 years ago and I've been a nomad with accounts (moved from that one to another and now this one).
-Big fan of the artists Fiona Staples, Kenneth Rocafort, Mike Choi, and Caleb Thomas, known on here as dctb (I think it will alert him if I add the "@" so I won't).
-I like to use parentheses a lot and hyphens as bullets.
-Most of the music I listen to is electronic and indie pop kind of stuff.
-I have a ferret named Haku, but I call him by his nickname, Nugget, because it seems fitting. Also have 2 frogs (you don't want to know their names) and a dragon named Chobani, but alas, I also call him by his nickname, Bubbas.
-Met my friend MattFat some time in 2010 and we've been best buds since.
-When I'm not drawing, I'm probably hanging out with Matt, reading, playing video games, or volunteering at the Petsmart cat adoption center.

I've made a comic with MattFat called Save Me and you can read it on savemecomic, tumblr,, or the official site for free. We've worked on the story since June 2011 and the first issue came out in October 2014. So so so excited to share the story with people.

I hope to improve over next however-long-I'll-be-on! 

~~~Geek Fest~~~
I'm going to the South Jersey Geek Fest in Woodbury, NJ with MattFat. We have one table and we're going as "Unchained Comics", a small little collective for comics I've been trying to pull together. If you live around there, it would be awesome if you stopped by! :)

Good day or night to you :iconsmilieplz: